Language, Computation and Cognition (LaCC) Lab

Image: Christine Daniloff/MIT

Welcome to the Language, Computation and Cognition (LaCC) lab at the Technion Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences!

We study language from an interdisciplinary perspective with the aim of advancing the scientific understanding of human language processing, improving natural language processing, and creating new applications for reading and language learning. To this end, we draw on theory from linguistics and cognitive science, develop computational models, and carry out large-scale behavioral (e.g. eyetracking) and neuroimaging (e.g. MEG and EEG) experiments.

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Apr 7, 2024 Work on repeated reading lead by Yoav Meiri, “Déjà Vu: Eye Movements in Repeated Reading”, was accepted to CogSci 2024
Mar 8, 2024 Yevgeni is co-organizing the 2nd Workshop on Eye Movements and the Assessment of Reading Comprehension. Submit your abstract by April 1st!
Mar 1, 2024 Yoav Meiri will present “Déjà Vu: Eye Movements in Repeated Reading” at HSP 2024.
Sep 22, 2023 Omer Shubi receives the Israeli Council for Higher Education (VATAT) scholarship for outstanding PhD students in Data Science!
Jul 15, 2023 New paper: Eye Movements in Information-Seeking Reading